Adding Paper Software as a Trusted Publisher

Word may require add‑ins like Contract Tools to be signed by a trusted publisher. To check this, choose File > Options > Trust Center, click Trust Center Settings to show the Trust Center dialog, click Add‑ins on the left of the Trust Center dialog, and then check whether the “Require Application Add‑ins to be signed by Trusted Publisher” checkbox is selected.

To use Contract Tools when Word requires add‑ins to be signed by a trusted publisher, you must add Paper Software to your list of trusted publishers.

To add Paper Software to your list of trusted publishers:
  1. Right-click PaperSoftwareContractToolsSetup.exe (visit to download this file), and then choose Properties.

  2. Click Digital Signatures at the top of the Properties window.

  3. Select Paper Software LLC in the signature list, and then click Details.

  4. Click View Certificate in the Digital Signature Details window.

  5. Click Install Certificate in the Certificate window.

  6. In Windows 8.1 and later, choose Current User. Click Next.

  7. Choose “Place all certificates in the following store”, and then click Browse.

  8. Select Trusted Publishers in the Select Certificate Store window, and then click OK.

  9. Click Next, and then click Finish.

After you add Paper Software to your list of trusted publishers, you may need to enable Contract Tools in Word; see Enabling Contract Tools to learn how.