Converting Text in Cross-References to Fields Is Impossible

  • What happens: The Context button (see The Context Button; the Previous and Next Buttons) can’t be used to convert text in a selected cross-reference to a field. The “Convert to Fields” button in the Cross-References view (see Managing Cross-References) is disabled.

  • What this means: It’s possible that cross-references already include fields. It’s also possible that text in cross-references isn’t convertible to fields. For text in a cross-reference to be convertible to a field:

    • The item to which the cross-reference refers must be known (see Managing Cross-References to learn how to find cross-references to unknown items)

    • The item to which the cross-reference refers must use multilevel list numbering (search for “multilevel list” in Word Help to learn more)

    • The cross-reference must include full context or no context (for example, Section 3.1(d)(i) or clause (i), not clause (d)(i))

  • What you should do: Make sure that cross-references include text instead of fields, that the items to which cross-references refer are known and use multilevel list numbering, and that cross-references include full context or no context.

As an alternative to using Contract Tools to convert text in cross-references to fields, you can use Word’s built-in controls; search for “cross-reference” in Word Help to learn how.