Highlighting Content

Contract Tools highlights many items in your document. Some items are highlighted depending on what you select. You can select an item by clicking or by setting the insertion point (cursor) using the arrow keys.

When you select this This is highlighted To learn more, go to

Defined term

Instances of the defined term

Working with Defined Terms


Cross-references to the same item

Working with Cross-References


Other placeholders

Finding To‑Dos


Other ancillaries

Working with Ancillaries

Inline list, proviso list

List markers

Working with Inline Lists and Proviso Lists

Amount of money, duration, date, time of day

Similar items

Finding Numbers, Amounts of Money, and Dates and Times


Matching parentheses

Other items are always highlighted, even if they’re not selected:

To hide highlighting, or to use underlining instead of highlighting, show the Contract Tools pane, click the Preferences button, and then use the Highlighting & Underlining controls.

Note: Highlighting and underlining do not change your document in any way.

In addition to highlighting items you select, you can use the Context button and the Previous and Next buttons to work with items you select; see The Context Button; the Previous and Next Buttons to learn how.

To troubleshoot problems with highlighting appearing in the wrong place, see The Contract Tools Pane Appears with Black Shapes; Highlighting Is Misplaced.