An Alert About Building Blocks Appears When Word Quits

  • What happens: When you quit Word (by closing the last open document, for example), this alert message appears: “You have modified styles, building blocks (such as cover pages or headers) or other content that is stored in "Building Blocks". Do you wish to save changes to "Building Blocks"?” This alert message appears even though you didn’t modify content stored in Building Blocks.

  • What this means: By default, starting Contract Tools causes Word to load building blocks (search for “building block” in Word Help to learn more). When some versions of Word 2016 and later (including Office 365) load building blocks, they incorrectly assume that built-in building blocks stored in a file named Building Blocks.dotx have been modified. Visit Release notes for Monthly Channel releases in 2020, Version 1912: January 08 for a description of this issue and its resolution by Microsoft Support.

  • What you should do: Update to the latest version of Word; search for “install Office updates” in Word Help to learn how. If you can’t update Word, you can mitigate this issue by configuring Contract Tools not to load snippets when it starts.

To configure Contract Tools not to load snippets when it starts:
  1. Choose Preferences from the pop‑up menu at the top of the Contract Tools pane to show the Preferences view.

  2. Click Snippets Template File, and then deselect the “Load when Contract Tools starts” checkbox.

Note: Even if Contract Tools is configured not to load snippets when it starts, causing affected versions of Word to load building blocks (for example, by showing the Snippets view, or by clicking the Quick Parts button in the Text group within the Insert ribbon tab) will cause the Building Blocks alert message to appear when Word quits.

For general information about snippets, see Working with Snippets. To learn how snippets in Contract Tools relate to building blocks in Word, see Snippets and Building Blocks.