The Contract Tools Pane Won’t Appear

  • What happens:

    When you open a document in Word, the Contract Tools pane fails to appear, even though the Contract Tools ribbon tab appears (see The Contract Tools Pane and The Contract Tools Ribbon Tab).

  • What this means:

    Most likely, another add‑in is changing the default behavior of Word such that the Contract Tools pane cannot appear. (Litéra LexPro has been reported to cause this behavior.)

  • What you should do:

    Disable your other Word add‑ins and see whether this resolves the issue.

To disable a Word add‑in:
  1. Choose File > Options > Add‑ins to show the Add‑ins pane of Word Options.

  2. Choose COM Add‑ins from the Manage pop‑up menu at the bottom of the Add‑ins pane, and then click the Go button.

  3. Deselect the checkbox next to the add‑in you want to disable, and then click OK.

You may need to restart Word after you do this.

If the Contract Tools pane still won’t appear, send an email to

If both the Contract Tools ribbon tab and the Contract Tools pane fail to appear, see Contract Tools Won’t Start and Contract Tools Won’t Start due to an Error.