Connecting to Contract Tools License Server

If your organization uses Contract Tools License Server to administer Contract Tools, you can start using Contract Tools by connecting to your organization’s license server.

To connect Contract Tools to Contract Tools License Server:
  1. Open a document or create a new document in Word. The Contract Tools pane appears next to your document.

  2. Choose “Connect to License Server” from the pop‑up menu at the top of the Contract Tools pane.

  3. Enter the address and port of your organization’s license server. Your system administrator can provide the address and port that you should use.

  4. Click Connect.

If a message that says “Contract Tools cannot connect to your organization’s license server” appears at the top of the Contract Tools pane, see Contract Tools Cannot Connect to a License Server.

To learn how to disconnect from Contract Tools License Server, see Disconnecting from Contract Tools License Server.