Contract Tools Cannot Connect to a License Server

  • What happens: A message that says “Contract Tools cannot connect to your organization’s license server” appears at the top of the Contract Tools pane.

  • What this means: Contract Tools is configured to connect to your organization’s license server automatically, but Contract Tools can connect to a license server only if your computer and the license server are connected to the same network. Most likely, your computer is not connected to the same network as your organization’s license server. It’s also possible that the license server’s address and port are misconfigured.

  • What you should do: Make sure your computer is connected to your organization’s network (through a VPN, for example), and then try to connect to the license server again (a simple way to do this is to reopen Word). Your network administrator can help with connecting to your organization’s network, and your system administrator can help with configuring your organization’s license server.

For general information about connecting to a license server, see Connecting to Contract Tools License Server.