Finding To‑Dos

The To‑Dos view shows a variety of items that may be unfinished:

  • Placeholders (for example: _, [_], {_}, [•], {*}; also sequences of three or more space characters)

  • Text enclosed in square brackets ([ ]) or curly brackets ({ })

  • Highlighted text (search for “highlight” in Word Help to learn more)

  • Comments, footnotes, and endnotes (search for “comments”, “footnotes”, and “endnotes” in Word Help to learn about these items)

Note:Contract Tools does not flag text like [intentionally omitted], [Reserved.], and so on as to-dos.

To show the To‑Dos view, choose To‑Dos from the pop‑up menu at the top of the Contract Tools pane.

Here are ways to use the To‑Dos view:
  • To find a to‑do in the view, type all or part of the to‑do you want to find in the search field at the top of the view.

  • To show all to‑dos or a kind of to‑do, use the Show pop‑up menu at the top left of the view.

  • To copy a list of to‑dos to the clipboard, click the Copy button at the top right of the view.

  • To go to where a to‑do appears in your document, click a to‑do in the view.