Finding To‑Dos

The To‑Dos view shows items that may be unfinished:

  • Placeholders such as [_], {_}, [•], {*}; also two or more underscores (_) or three or more spaces

  • Text enclosed in brackets ([ ]) or braces ({ })

    Note: Contract Tools does not flag text like [intentionally omitted], [Reserved.], and so on as to-dos.

  • Highlighted text (search for “highlight” in Word Help to learn more)

  • Comments, footnotes, and endnotes (search for “comments”, “footnotes”, and “endnotes” in Word Help to learn more)

To show the To‑Dos view, click the To‑Dos button at the top of the Contract Tools pane.

Here are ways to use the To‑Dos view:
  • To show all to‑dos or a kind of to‑do, use the Show pop‑up menu at the top left of the view.

  • To go to a to‑do, click a to‑do in the view.

  • To copy a list of to‑dos to the clipboard, choose Copy To‑Dos from the Action pop‑up menu at the bottom of the view; see Copying and Pasting the Contents of Views to learn more.

  • To find a to‑do in the view, type all or part of the to‑do you want to find in the Filter field at the bottom of the view.

Placeholders are highlighted when you select them; see Highlighting Content to learn more. You can also find placeholders using the Previous and Next buttons; see The Context Button; the Previous and Next Buttons to learn how.