Finding Information About Your Computer

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To help you resolve an issue with Contract Tools, we may need information about your computer.

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Windows version Confirming Windows Version Information
Word version Finding Word Version Information
Contract Tools version Finding Contract Tools’ Version Number

Confirming Windows Version Information

If you’re not sure which version of Windows you use, or if you need to check whether you use the 64‑bit or 32‑bit version of Windows, you can find this information on your computer.

Windows 10:
  • Choose Start > Settings (looks like a gear) > System > About.

You can also use Control Panel: choose System and Security > System.

Windows 8.1:
  1. Open Settings. To do this, use your mouse or trackpad to set the pointer at the top-right or bottom-right corner of the screen until buttons appear, and then click the Settings button (looks like a gear).

  2. Click “Change PC settings”, and then choose PC and devices > PC info.

Windows 7:
  • Open Control Panel, and then choose System and Security > System.

Finding Word Version Information

You can find information about your version of Word.

Word 2013 and later (including Office 365):
  1. To find the version number, choose File > Account.

  2. To confirm whether you use the 64‑bit or 32‑bit version of Word, click the About Word button; 64‑bit or 32‑bit appears at the top of the About Microsoft Word dialog.

Word 2010:
  • Choose File > Help. The version number and 64‑bit or 32‑bit appears below About Microsoft Word.

Word 2007:
  1. Click the Office button at the top left of the Word window, and then click Word Options at the bottom right of the menu that appears.

  2. Click Resources on the left of the Word Options dialog. The version number appears below “about Microsoft Office Word 2007”. (The 32‑bit version of Word 2007 is the only one available.)

Finding Contract Tools’ Version Number

To find Contract Tools’ version number, choose Subscription from the pop‑up menu at the top of the Contract Tools pane to show the Subscription view. Contract Tools’ version number appears at the bottom of the view.