Contract Tools Setup Won’t Download Prerequisites

  • What happens: When you’re installing Contract Tools (see Installing Contract Tools), “Downloading prerequisite software” appears in the Contract Tools Setup window, and a progress indicator (a moving bar) shows the status of the download. The progress indicator doesn’t move.

  • What this means: When you install Contract Tools, you also download and install other Microsoft software that Contract Tools requires (see Prerequisites for Installing Contract Tools to learn more). Most likely, firewall software (or similar software) is preventing Contract Tools Setup from downloading this software.

  • What you should do: Temporarily disable your firewall software, or configure it to allow Contract Tools Setup to connect to the internet. The documentation for your firewall software should have instructions on how to do this. As an alternative, you can download and install Contract Tools’ prerequisites. For information about Contract Tools’ prerequisites, including links to installers, see Prerequisites for Installing Contract Tools.