Setting Preferences

You can set Contract Tools preferences by using the controls in the Preferences view. To show the Preferences view, choose Preferences from the pop‑up menu at the top of the Contract Tools pane.

Here are preferences you may want to change:

By default, this happens To make this happen Do this To learn more, go to

Contract Tools turns on automatically when opening documents

Set Contract Tools to be turned off

Deselect “Turn on when opening documents”

The Contract Tools Ribbon Tab

The Contract Tools pane appears on the right of the Word window

Make the Contract Tools pane appear on the left; hide the Contract Tools pane

Use the Contract Tools Pane controls

The Contract Tools Pane

You show Contract Tools pane views by choosing from a pop‑up menu

Show Contract Tools pane views by clicking buttons

Use the “Show views using” buttons under Contract Tools Pane

Contract Tools Pane Views

Contract Tools analyzes when you save

Analyze manually

Deselect “Analyze when saving” under Analysis

Updating Contract Tools’ Analysis

Instances of a selected defined term are underlined

Hide underlining

Use the Highlighting & Underlining controls

Working with Defined Terms

Drafting errors are highlighted in red

Hide highlighting; choose a different color

Use the Highlighting & Underlining controls

Proofreading Documents

A warning appears to confirm deleting snippets

Delete snippets without showing a warning

Deselect “Show warning before deleting” under Snippets

Working with Snippets