Reviewing Drafting Errors

You can use a variety of tools and techniques to review drafting errors:

  • Highlighting: Drafting errors are highlighted in red in your document by default; see Highlighting Content to learn more.

  • Previous and Next buttons: When you select a drafting error in your document, you can use the Previous and Next buttons to find similar drafting errors; see The Context Button; the Previous and Next Buttons to learn more.

  • Issues pop‑up menu: A brief list of drafting errors appears in the Issues pop‑up menu; see The Issues Pop‑Up Menu to learn more.

  • Drafting Errors view: Detailed information about drafting errors appears the Drafting Errors view; see Managing Drafting Errors to learn more.

To learn about the drafting errors Contract Tools finds, see Checking for Drafting Errors. To learn how to manage drafting errors, including how to ignore drafting errors, see Managing Drafting Errors.