Using Contract Tools on a Virtual Machine

To activate or begin a trial of Contract Tools, Windows, Word, and Contract Tools must be installed on real hardware, not on a virtual machine. Examples of virtual machine software include Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Microsoft 365 Defender, Parallels Desktop, Remote Desktop Services, VMware Fusion, Windows 365, Windows Sandbox, and Windows Virtual Desktop.

If you believe you’re using real hardware, but an alert message about virtual machines appears when you try to activate or begin a trial of Contract Tools, make sure that Windows virtualization features are disabled. Examples of Windows virtualization features include Hyper‑V Platform, Memory Integrity, Virtual Machine Platform, Windows Defender Application Guard, and Windows Hypervisor Platform. If disabling Windows virtualization features doesn’t resolve the issue, make sure that virtualization is disabled on your computer’s processor; your computer’s documentation should have instructions on how to disable virtualization on your computer’s processor.

If you need to use Contract Tools on a virtual machine, email to learn about deployment options.

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