Trying Contract Tools

After installing Contract Tools (see Installing Contract Tools to learn more), you can try it for free for 7 days.

To begin a trial of Contract Tools:
  1. Open a document or create a new document in Word. The Contract Tools pane appears next to your document.

  2. Click Begin Trial in the Contract Tools pane.

Note: Once you begin a trial, it cannot be suspended.

After your trial, you can keep using Contract Tools by entering the activation key you receive when you buy a subscription. To buy a Contract Tools subscription, visit To learn about activating Contract Tools with an activation key, see Activating Contract Tools.

Trying Contract Tools requires real hardware, not a virtual machine; see Using Contract Tools on a Virtual Machine to learn more.

To troubleshoot problems with beginning a trial, see Contract Tools Cannot Connect to the Internet, Contract Tools Won’t Activate Due to Disabled Network Adapters, and Contract Tools Won’t Activate Due to a Problem with Windows Management Instrumentation.